Get Involved!

Share Your Talents!

Are you a professional willing to do pro bono work for survivors and their families? Do you have a talent for talking to people?  Can you spend a little time going to retail establishments in your neighbourhood to see if they will sell 50/50 tickets at their register? Do you have a talent you could share?

We are always looking for people willing to share their expertise, talents and energy to help us further awareness, provide support and help with fundraising. 


Our next big event will be the Shine the Light Walk.

For the last two years, Turn On The Lights has hosted a candlelit walk on the scenic boardwalk of Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island. Our third annual "Shine The Light" walk will be taking place in May 2017. 

"I think it is a chance for survivors to feel like they can take a stand, feel supported and realize they are not alone. It is a way to make some noise and raise awareness. It is a chance to start a conversation that says "hey, this is not okay, and I can help make a difference", I can help shine a light on this". - Jamie Luce (Turn on the Lights Volunteer) - When asked about why the walk was beneficial.


Volunteers are always needed to help promote the event, to welcome walkers to the event, to hand out candles and even to raise the energy and spirit of the group.

Call to Action

This year's Call to Action is ENOUGH!  Enough of being embarassed because of a crime that was perpetrated against us!  Enough of years and years of waiting to bring a case to court!  Enough of families having to go under severe financial distress because they brought charges against the abuser in their family! Enough is Enough!

There is always a need to reach out to Members of Parliament to make them aware of how vital it is that Canadian children are protected.  While some progress was made with the last administration, it can still be almost impossible to bring charges against an abuser, especially when the case is "historical", which is often the case for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Let our government know how important it is to continue to support survivors and to make sure that abusers know there are serious consequences for their actions.

Contact us if you have had ENOUGH!

Become a Sponsor

It is our long term plan to have a physical office, staffed with full time professionals, able to provide assistance and guideance to survivors and families. Eventually, we want to be able to have offices across Canada, so that no Canadian family will ever again have to feel isolated, terrified and alone when coming forward. 
Sponsorship can make that happen!

It All Helps!

Contact us if you want to be part of an organization driven to make a change in the world.