Turn on the Lights is particularly geared towards the survivor and their family.  Our special focus is towards the families where the abuse has taken place within their walls, within their own family.  ​

Childhood sexual abuse rips at the very fabric of a family, no matter what the relationship was between the offender and the survivor. But in the case where the offender was a member of the household (and especially when the offender was a financial contributor to the well-being of the family), the crime has ramifications that echo beyond the horrific results of this crime. In reporting the offender, the family is now faced with financial and legal consequences that go beyond the criminal prosecution of the offender.

Our goal is to eventually be able to provide financial assistance for families in these circumstances.  We are not there, yet, but we are getting there.

As of June 7, 2016, Turn on the Lights is a federally incorporated non-profit foundation.  We are working toward obtaining charity status, but this requires more work and more funding before we are able to meet the requirements.  Until then, we will continue to operate as a non-profit organisation, reaching out to those who need our help and support.




Our Story

It started with a conversation in the car. We had been dealing with the police and the justice system.  Because we had gone to the police and reported the offender -- and because the offender was the husband, father and stepfather in the family -- our lives had been been put through the wringer.  We had to move, we had to try to sell the house, we had creditors calling because the offender did not contribute to the joint debt payments and the creditors did not have a number for him.  We had to deal with the lies that were being told about us.

There was minimal support for the primary "victim".  There was no support for the family, the secondary "victims". It shouldn't be this hard, we thought.  Why hasn't anyone done anything?

And then we realized something.  We WERE anyone.  If nothing has been done, then maybe we should be the ones to do it.

Childhood sexual abuse is a crime that happens in the dark.  The predator depends on the darkness to keep their actions secret.  The evil, the darkness can be overwhelming.  That is why we call our foundation "Turn On The Lights" -- because a spotlight needs to be turned onto the crime, a light needs to be shone in the darkness.






Meet the Founders

The Board of Directors

Katherine Eastman

President & Co-Founder

Deborah McEachern

Chief Executive & Co-Founder

Alexander Eastman-Timmons

Vice President Finance

Lauren Timmons

Vice President, Social Media